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Published on 26th November 2021

MMK has cooperated with indicated companies in the past and they were distibuting their yachts to charter agencies through Booking Manager under various aliases since 2016.
At the start we arranged cooperation with company that had registered company name Winnico Yachts SP (October 2016), and later on new contract was signed with their new company founded in Croatia, ADRIATIC YACHT d.o.o. (August 2017). The Company ADRIATIC YACHT d.o.o. is/was a sister company founded in Croatia by the same owner, Mr. Tomasz Bartłomiej Wrzesiński.

During our cooperation, MMK has received several serious allegations from our partners, claiming that Winnico Yachts SP ZOO and ADRIATIC YACHT d.o.o. did not return the funds paid to these companies for charters that did not happen at the end and were confirmed and paid. Scenario was the same for all complaints that MMK received from partners, yachts were booked by charter agencies, service was paid according to the conditions that Winnico Yachts SP ZOO/ADRIATIC YACHT d.o.o. defined and at the end charter agencies were informed few days before check in that yachts were damaged and there are no replacement yachts available. Funds that charter agencies and their guests paid for agreed service were never returned back to them.

The partners provided MMK with all necessary documentation according to which we determined that the agreed service was not performed and they did not receive a refund. In view of all the above, MMK did not continue to cooperate with the above-mentioned companies, although they tried to cooperate wiht MMK in various ways even after the termination of the contract.

Furthermore, several partner agencies have filled lawsuits against the aforementioned companies and have not yet received a refund. Furthermore, over the last few years MMK was informed that except companies Winnico Yachts SP ZOO and ADRIATIC YACHT d.o.o. there is established network of other companies such as W Yachts Gmbh and ENJOY CHARTER SL, and all of them have the same owner, Mr. Tomasz Bartlomiej Wrzesinski, and offer exactly same yachts. The pattern of business that appears in all companies is the same. At the end, many charter agencies that booked the yachts  with these companies claim that the service has not been delivered, nor that they received a refund.

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